2020 Tax Returns 

Forms will open in new tab.  Please download forms to your computer before printing.

(For all individuals; please complete engagement, tax organizer, and healthcare forms; additional organizers and worksheets as applicable)



(2020 Tax Returns)

(For all business types; please complete engagement and tax organizer; additional organizers and worksheets as applicable)

Individual Engagement Letter  

Business Engagement Letter

2020 Tax Organize


Business Tax Organizer (not Sole Proprietors)

Sole Proprietor (Schedule C) Income/Expenses

Health Care - For 2020 we will need Form 1095-A If you purchased

Health Insurance through the Government Marketplace. 



Business Vehicle Worksheet

Home Office Worksheet (for self-employed only; no longer available for W2 employees)


Additional Organizers and Worksheets (as applicable)

Itemized Deduction Worksheet

Education Worksheet

Noncash donations $500 or higher

Disclosure Authorization 

(only if we need to speak to a third-party about your taxes)




Rental Tax Organizer (Sch E)

Farm Tax Organizer  (Sch F)

Household / Domestic Employee

Estate Tax Checklist 











  Please contact our office for specific forms and worksheets